Meet Our Chef

Our Masterchef, Pratibha Kochar speaks.....

My school summer vacation was spent at my grandmother’s place; and it was there, that I discovered the chef within me.

I was 7 years old, when my mother left me in my granny’s place and since  she was not  keeping well, I wanted to help her in daily courses and it was then I tested my zeal in cooking.

It was not  that my first dish burnt, shattered my desire  to experiment with dishes but my natural habit of taking inputs from my mother automatically gave the needed flavours to my cooking.

Going down the memory lane, I recall the days, when I watched   one of the TV shows of a famous Chef and I, trying those dishes,besides reading recipes from different magazines, also helped me pushed me towards my dream and vision.

I boost of cooking quickly yet with innovation. The credit goes to my sister, who was very fond  of having varieties of dishes each day and ensured that I spare my last 15 minutes to cook something for her before leaving for school. I prepared varieties of dishes and that is how, my cooking pace improved.

With passing days I, thought sky’s the limit for my passion of cooking and while I was gradually  climbing the stairs of being a chef, I was married and was quiet sceptical , if I would be able to follow my dreams again.But as luck favoured me , my husband became my strength and a critic both,who encouraged me to follow  my dream.

And then came yet another phase of my life which was a turnaround of my life.

2014 was vegetarian season of Masterchef and my daughter insisted upon me participating and I thought to give it a try and fortunately I got selected as a participant amongst 3 Lakh people. Soon  I was in top 55 and then there was no looking back until I reached Top 5. 

While participating in the show was never in my plan, I was felicitated with the award of Flavourism twice in the show, which made my will even rock solid.

When the show ended and I returned back to Rajasthan, the warm welcome from people said it all.

It is indeed my pleasure to be a part of this ambitious project from ARG Group which I think is the only one of its kind not only in Rajasthan but in India to the best of my knowledge.